It was recently revealed that Supergirl will be making the leap from CBS to The CW for its second season, a decision which means that Kara Danvers now shares the same network as Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Whether or not they’ll find a way to bring her into the world those heroes call home remains to be seen, but they will soon all meet up!

Of course, The Flash recently travelled to Supergirl’s world by inadvertently running into her dimension, so the groundwork for a reunion of sorts is already there. However, it was The CW’s President Mark Pedowitz who confirmed that the series will air on Mondays (giving the network a solid four days of DC Comics TV shows) and that a mega crossover between all of those shows is being planned for later this year. Needless to say, it should be epic!

How they’ll go about making this happen obviously remains to be seen, but it does actually make more sense for Supergirl to remain in her own world. After all, her planet is full of the kind of alien threats a character like that needs to square off against, not to mention Superman himself even if he never actually makes any sort of physical appearances.

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Regardless, this crossover alone is well worth getting excited about, and it promises to be an awesome four night event for DC Comics fans when all these heroes end up hanging out.

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