The following comes from The Daily Mail, so it’s best to take it with a very large pinch of salt, but they have been relatively reliable in the past when it comes to James Bond scoops so it’s worth paying at least some attention to. Apparently, Daniel Craig has turned down a whopping $68 million to return for two more instalments of the long running franchise.

Considering the fact that he made a total of $38 million for the first four movies he appeared in as 007, that’s quite a sum to turn down, but an amount MGM are no doubt happy to pay based on the box office performance of the last two. However, Craig made it clear during the press tour for Spectre that he doesn’t want to come back, going so far as to say he would rather slash his wrists. His injury on the last movie also no doubt played some sort of role.

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The site’s sources point to everything from the studio being unhappy with his comments about the role to the actor feeling like Spectre being a natural jumping off point (it was) for why he won’t return, but the signs definitely seem to point to Daniel Craig’s era being over.

That obviously leaves us with the question of who will be the next James Bond. Well, rumours have been swirling this week that Tom Hiddleston recently met with Sam Mendes and producer Barbara Broccoli recently, and with bookmakers suspending bets being put on the Thor and The Night Manager star, it definitely seems like he’s the hot favourite now…