In amongst all the talk of Raimi and Downey Jr. travelling to Oz, there may well be another journey over the rainbow in our future.

Mark and Michael Polish made an impression in 1999 with their Sundance debut Twin Falls Idaho and have continued to make some interesting and unique films, The Astronaut Farmer with Billy Bob Thornton is one example and their recent film Stay Cool with Winona Ryder, Sean Astin and Josh Holloway made waves at Tribeca a year ago and following a showing in Cannes is expected into cinemas this year.

So, with that context what are we to make of this short video, which was pointed out by Chris Gore on Twitter a few hours ago. With the simple and unambiguous text on Youtube proclaiming,

Polish Brothers’ OZ, based on the beloved children’s classic by L. Frank Baum. Hitting screens everywhere in 2011.

Is it real? There’s virtually nothing else online about it, but this peek is intriguing, not least because if this is genuine then it has completely flown under the radar, although the multi-headed Oz Remake/Sequel/Prequel Beast has obviously provided a clear distraction.

But just look at the colours. The framing. The leaves collected around the walls of looks to be a museum. The little girl and the lion. The music.

If it’s real then it just went to the top of my list.

Here’s the vid, while it’s still up.