Antje Traue - Man of Steel

We’re declaring this Sunday Man of Steel takeover day and by the end of it you’ll see why. Earlier in the week we had the first interview courtesy of our pal James Kleinmann for the brand new Superman movie Man of Steel.

James flew our to Burbank in California to interview some of the world’s biggest stars for one of the biggest movies of the movie and all of the interviews will be going live today, on the hour every hour from now (10am) to 4pm this afternoon GMT.

If you missed James’ interview with Ayelet Zurer, click this way for a recap but first up today we have Antje Traue who plays Faora-Ul in the movie. In the interview, James asks about Antje’s first connection with the Superman series, what it was like to fight Superman and how she connected with the story. This is also the first time that Faora-Ul has been on-screen and what that was like to portray as the right-hand to Zod (Michael Shannon). We also hear about how she connected with the other members of the cast, or lack of to keep herself out of touch so that she could help in her performance.

Keep your eyes peeled today for interviews with Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Michael Shannon, Zack Snyder, Amy Adams and Superman himself, Henry Cavill.

Man of Steel is released in the UK 14th June.