Tying up with this week’s Bollywood release, London Paris New York, Upodcast had the exclusive opportunity to speak with both stars.

Ali Zafar has had a very successful musical career behind him and is an accomplished poet, painter and since his last few movies a very charismatic actor.  For London Paris New York he has even composed, written and sang for the soundtrack.

He even ended up painting his co-star Aditi Rao Hydari and get her to sing for a couple of tracks, Aditi has been a supporting actress in movies like Rockstar and Delhi 6 and is now taking her foray into lead roles.


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Here is a synopsis of London Paris New York and the trailer.


Synopsis: ‘London Paris New York’ is a film that captures the angst of being in your twenties, the most dramatic period of your life – when you have to find a career; you have your first significant relationship and most importantly form your identity in this world. It is the story of ‘Lalitha’, a middle class South Indian girl from Chembur (an eastern suburb in Mumbai) who is on her way to New York to study politics on a full scholarship, and Nikhil, a Punjabi, rich kid from Bandra (a posh western suburb of Mumbai – read new money) who is going to study Film Making in London, fully funded by his father’s money. They decide to hang-out together one evening in London and find that they are completely drawn to each other even as their future lies on separate continents.


The film follows their personal journey and their love story as they meet in London, Paris and New York for a night each over eight years. The film is in three chapters and each chapter is shot in a manner that mirrors the mental state of ‘Nikhil’ and ‘Lalitha’. The three bridges on the three rivers – Thames, Seine and Hudson – witness the three states of their love.

Music is integral to the film and takes form according to the moods. The three cities also give a dramatic canvas to create different exciting themes – Pop-Romance in London; Electronic-Sufi in Paris and Blues-Rap in New York, all blended in true Bollywood style. The dialogues are natural and fresh and you get a sense that you are eavesdropping on these two characters. The film is romantic but not sentimental, and even though the pair discuss meaningful things, the film is always underpinned by humour.


London Paris New York hits theaters this weekend!