mcgVariety are reporting today that Captain Nemo: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a project that had Terminator: Salvation helmer McG attached as director, has been shelved indefinitely by Disney (full story here). It seems they are concentrating instead on other projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean 4, a director for which was announced earlier today (read our story here).

Probably the most interesting aspect of this story, for me at least, was that Will Smith was rumoured to be attached to play the lead. In itself not all that strange, but just last week the proposed Old Boy remake, again starring Smith, with Steven Speilberg attached, was also reported to be collapsing. IMDB lists 25 projects in development for Smith, including sequels for Hancock and I Am Legend, but as yet nothing is in production. Considering Smith hasn’t appeared on the big screen since last year’s Seven Pounds, why is one of the most bankable lead men in Hollywood not being put to work? Too expensive, or is he just taking a break?