The Fast and Furious franchise is definitely a series which is either loved or hated by moviegoes. In the eyes of some, it’s nonsensical and over the top rubbish. To others it is one of the most fun and exciting action franchises out there today, and over the course of six movies, they’ve gone from strength to strength.

The action scenes are often outlandish and have become crazier over the years as each instalment attempts to outdo what came before. Fast and Furious 7 reaches us next year, but the tragic death of Paul Walker casts a sad shadow over the movie as his character will be written out, leaving us without a key part of the series. Luckily, his brothers stepped in to ensure that Brian O’Conner’s story is given a satisfying conclusion.

Here, we look back at just 10 of the Fast and Furious movies’ best action scenes. Whether it’s races, fist fights or action scenes featuring cars doing things you’d never thing was possible, you’ll find everything that makes the franchise great in the list below.

10. Train Rescue (Fast Five)

Fast Five really marked a shift in focus for the Fast and Furious franchise. While the cars which have inspired countless boy racers to spend their evenings admiring their suped up bangers in Tesco car parks were still vital to the story, the races were no longer THE most important element.

Previous instalments had played around with adding different facets to the story, but Fast Five veered very much into action movie territory. Look no further than this breathtaking opening for proof of that as we watched a daring car heist which saw some swanky motors lifted from a moving train.

The pressure built as Brian and Dom approached a bridge which would take the former out, and culminated in a ridiculous high speed dive off a cliff.