Medieval action epic Ironclad is out in UK cinemas on the 4th of March and everything we’ve seen so far points to a brutal and brilliant film with an outstanding cast making the most of the rich vein of history Jonathan English has tapped into for his film.

We’ve got our hands on an exclusive clip for you, which offers a respite from the carnage to let Brian Cox set the scene for us, and of course, he’s brilliant. Also appearing in the film are Paul Giamatti,  James Purefoy, Jason Flemyng, Mackenzie Crook, Derek Jacobi, Charles Dance, Kate Mara  and newcomer Aneurin Barnard.

It looks great, we’ve spoken to James Purefoy who was a legend and we’re really looking forward to Ironclad hitting cinemas so you can enjoy it along with us.

The year is 1215. King John (Paul Giamatti) has been forced to sign the Magna Carta, a document that will ensure the freedom of men and form the basis of common law in England. Furious at having been forced to sign it, King John raises a vicious mercenary army and begins a rampage across the country to regain total power. But as the King’s army is on the brink of reaching London and taking back control of the country, one last castle stands between him and inevitable victory: Rochester.

Here’s the clip, which sits nicely alongside the trailers and images we’ve seen so far.