What’s the deal with Jon Snow? We’re going to find out on April 24th, the official season six premiere date for Games of Thrones season six (for those of you in the UK, this should mean that it will reach Sky Atlantic on the 25th). This year’s episodes are perhaps the most exciting yet, especially as the TV series has now overtaken George R.R. Martin’s novel.

That’s not something fans of the A Song of Ice and Fire series are particularly happy about, and it was earlier this month that Martin confirmed that he won’t be finished writing the next instalment by the time Game of Thrones returns to HBO. It’s suffered from delays for years.

In the past, Game of Thrones has stuck to the source material fairly closely, but season six will shake things up in a major way by adapting material which Martin has not yet published.

Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, and Bran Stark are among the characters who we have no idea what’s next for because of the last book ending around the same time as the events of the season five finale, and for the first time ever, everyone is in the dark about what’s next.

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