Watch Joseph Fiennes tackle the real-life story of Eric Liddell – China’s first gold medalist and one of Scotland’s greatest athletes – as he returns to war-torn China in the trailer for Wings of Eagles.

Directed by Stephen Shin and Michael Parker from a screenplay co-written by themselves and Rubby Xu and Christopher C. Chan. The film stars Joseph Fiennes, Shawn Dou and Bruce Locke.

Signature Entertainment presents Wings of Eagles on Digital HD 12th March and DVD 19th March, 2018

Wings of Eagles Official Synopsis

Wings of Eagles continues the remarkable true story of Eric Liddell’s life after he wins Olympic gold in the 1924 Paris Olympics, as portrayed in the British classic Chariots of Fire.

As the Japanese invade China on the outbreak of WWll, Eric Liddell (Joseph Wings of Eagles Wings of EaglesFiennes, Shakespeare in Love, The Handmaid’s Tale) – China’s first gold medallist and one of Scotland’s greatest athletes – returns to war-torn China with his family as a missionary.

Despite experiencing many years of successful and fulfilling work as a teacher, the threat of war continues to loom, and as the occupying Imperial Japanese forces tighten their oppressive grip, Liddell decides to send his family home, while he stays behind. Eric and the other foreign nationals are quickly taken as prisoners and placed in one of the many Japanese internment camps where Eric must continue to spread his message of hope to survive…