Independence Day

With Will Smith no longer set to star in a follow-up to┬áRoland Emmerich’s Independence Day, Carter Blanchard has been brought on board to write a new draft based on James Vanderbilt’s initial screenplay.

Smith’s departure has likely resulted in a number of changes having to be made, which explains why the Glimmer writer is set to rewrite the Emmerich helmed Independence Day sequel which the filmmaker will produce alongside Dean Devlin and Harald Kloser for a July 1st, 2016 release.

Blanchard’s take on the screenplay is set to address Smith’s absence and will introduce new heroes to battle aliens. Some believe that one of those will be Smith’s son, a role that Chronicle and The Fantastic Four star Michael B. Jordan is reportedly being considered for.

The writer is also adapting Mark Millar’s Kindergarten Heroes for Twentieth Century Fox, and has written drafts of both Spy Hunter for Warner Bros. and Glimmer for DreamWorks and Steven Spielberg.

Source: Deadline