Will-BeallAfter making an impressive feature debut this year with Gangster Squad, Will Beall has clearly impressed the folks over at Warner Bros., because they’ve signed him up to a two-script deal.

And not just any two-script deal, but a blind two-script deal. So that should give him a fair bit of freedom to pursue writing about what he really wants to write about.

As of yet, it remains unknown exactly what those two scripts will be, but it’s great news to hear that the studio are showing faith in emerging talent like Will Beall. I really liked Gangster Squad, and thought Ruben Fleischer did a brilliant job directing from a brilliant script.

Beall first made a name for himself penning the scripts for a handful of episodes of ABC’s popular series, Castle, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic.

He then made waves when it was reported last year that Warner Bros. had quietly hired him during 2011 to start writing a script for their upcoming Justice League project.

We’ve recently heard reports that the studio are now looking for new writers for Justice League. At the time, I was pretty confident that if the news proved to be true, it wouldn’t be a reflection on Will Beall’s script and/or talents. And this news would certainly suggest that to be the case.

Variety report that it remains unknown whether he’ll be continuing to work on the project, which itself has something of a question mark over it. Warner Bros. are reportedly going to be taking in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and seeing how well it performs, before going ahead with Justice League.

Either way, the studio are clearly keen to keep Will Beall under their wing. A two-script commitment is a big move for a relative newcomer like Beall, and it’s great to see him getting the attention he deserves.