What Josiah Saw

As one of many people from a certain generation, Robert Patrick scared the bejesus out of me as a child. As the primary antagonist in The Terminator, where he played the T-1000 – Patrick has often been an actor attracted to the darker side of storytelling. His latest is the definition of that fact, as he takes a starring role in the chilling horror What Josiah Saw. To mark the film’s release on Shudder, we had the pleasure to speak to the man himself. A charming, affable figure we soon learnt that our childhood versions of ourselves had nothing to be scared of. We discuss with Patrick this latest project, portraying characters with sinister intentions and finding empathy within them. He also looks back across his career, whether he watches his old movies back, and on sharing them with his family. He also looks ahead, as the prolific actor still has many irons in many fires – which is music to our ears.

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After two decades, a damaged family reunite at their remote farmhouse, where they confront long-buried secrets and sins of the past.