Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did not receive the critical or commercial response Warner Bros. were hoping for, hence why there’s now been a pretty major shake-up behind the scenes. In fact, the studio’s DC Films division may finally have its own Kevin Feige thanks to the appointment of Geoff Johns and Jon Berg to oversee these movies.

This newly created DC Films group will be co-run by DC Comics writer, DC Entertainment CCO, and film/TV writer Geoff Johns and Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and Justice League producer Jon Berg. Both have worked closely with Ben Affleck (who was recently made an executive producer on Justice League to steer it in the right direction), with Johns writing Batman with him and Berg producing Argo and Live by Night.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Warner Bros. is attempting to unify the disparate elements of the DC movies with a seasoned film exec and a comics veteran that together hopefully can emulate the way Marvel Studios has produced its films under the vision of Kevin Feige. But sources also say Warners still wants to remain a filmmaker-driven studio.”

Interestingly, the trade also mentions some changes which are being made to Suicide Squad. The studio is said to be working on smoothing out the third act because they want to “make sure audiences’ expectations are not only met but exceeded.” Meanwhile, rumours of reshoots are indeed true, but they happened not to add humour, but to address story issues.

Will any of this end up working out for Warner Bros.? Time will tell, but fingers crossed, eh?

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