There’s a couple of new pieces of artwork from HBO’s blood and bearskin epic Game of Thrones out in the wild today and they gives nothing away, suffice to say it points to a struggle for a crown. Yeah, not exactly a game changer.

However there’s an almost indecent amount of anticipation for this new season and on the first of April we’ll get to see what happened after the dramatic events of the final two episodes of Series One. I’m hoping for more Dinklage and maybe Charles Dance running into a battle or two, and perhaps we’ll find out a little about that guy who came back from the dead…

We’re all questions at the moment, however if you want to take a peek at what’s in store click here for the official trailer for the second season, which hints at the paths both taken and not in the next series.

Here are the portentous posters, all the way from EW,