Yesterday I put up the interview with Hyunky Dory director Marc Evans and today we have one of the stars of the movie, Minnie Driver. You’ll know her from Hard Rain, Grosse Point Blank, Sleepers and Good Will Hunting. She’s absolutely lovely in person as you’ll see from my interview with her below. In the movie, Minnie plays Vivienne, a drama teacher at a high school in Swansea who sets about putting on a rock ‘n’ roll version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, during the hottest UK summer on record in 1976.

In the interview we find out what it was that brought her to the movie, what it was like filming in freezing conditions while pretending to be really warm and how she went about learning the Welsh accent that she pulls of brilliantly in the movie.

Hunky Dory is out tomorrow, 2d March. Go and see it because it’s sweet and fun and what more could you want than a bit of sweet and fun?!

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