Haywire Michael Fassbender Gina CaranoThis week Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire thrusts itself into UK cinemas and every day we’ll be focusing on one of the characters in the film to get you up to speed with who is hitting who.

Soderbergh has, naturally, attracted a formidable cast for the film with newcomer Gina Carano leading his tale of a covert government operative who turns rogue when she finds out her ex-employers are cleaning up their activities and hunting her.

Today’s video focuses on Michael Fassbender, who has a short and violent relationship with Carano – the video does have spoilers but it’s worth a watch just to see Fassbender and Carano get tangled up in a hotel room.

Craig’s review is on the site here, and you can see the video below. Haywire is released on the 18th of January.