Noomi Rapace Prometheus space jockeyWhile the recent look at the Space Jockey mask gave further hints at the links between Alien and Prometheus there’s something a little more tangible on offer today with this new image from Ridley Soctt’s film from the L.A. Times (via Coming Soon).

Lining up behind Noomi Rapace are a couple of space jockey suits and there’s a far bet that Nooms has just caught a glimpse of what goes inside one of them. Man, this is a tease-a-thon isn’t it? Only a few months to go until we get the chance to see Scott’s film, easily one of the most anticipated of the year.

Here’s the pic, click to make everything big,

Noomi Rapace Prometheus space jockey

And check out this high-res version from Noomi Rapace Tumblr in which you can make out the Weyland patch on the sleeve of her left arm. You know, because that’s cool and stuff.