This little tit-for-tat appeared at the end of an episode of Castle apparently and there’s a nice Whedonesque link for those familiar with the director’s work pre-Avengers.

It’s fluffy, silly and goes a long way to easing the minds of the Oscars hosting committee for next year – at least give these two an award to hand out eh? You have to give Nathan Fillion credit for not cracking up right at the end.

Fillion’s long rumoured association with Marvel’s Ant-Man movie (which may, or may not be heading our way soon, and may, or may not be directed by Edgar Wright) could soon be made official if the film ever gets the go-ahead. Marvelman Kevin Feige spoke to the Toronto Sun recently, updating the project,

Edgar’s still working on that project, and it’s closer than ever, but it’s been eight years we’ve been working with him, and we finally decided we couldn’t keep putting more people in. If Ant-Man had come out four years ago, it would certainly have been part of the puzzle.

So we may have seen these two facing off as part of The Avengers if things had turned out differently , maybe that’ll be in The Avengers 2…

Thanks to my good pal Thiago at Judao for pointing me in this direction.

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