We all love games, that’s why you’re here on this very site. But wouldn’t you like to make your own games? I sure do, I’ve been trying since the days of 3D Construction Kit and Shoot em up Construction kit. They were successful for sure, I managed to create a blog that shoots things. but it was just for fun.

Now, times have changed, A new app Called Sketch Nation Studio allows you to create and publish your own games on the App Store with no programming experience needed! Currently there are five game styles, with more coming soon. This is the only standalone app that lets you publish your works to the App Store for  79p ($0.99)

The concept is also a simple one. Sketch out your creations using the in-app drawing tools, or simply draw them out on paper and take a photo using the camera. There is also in-game currency, don’t panic, it’s not a way of grabbing your money (but who cares if it was) You can earn currency every time your game art is downloaded. The idea is to encourage gamers to create a huge library of content for other Sketch Nation users.

I’ve not had a chance to test the game out yet, being stuck behind a desk and all, but it’s the first thing I’ll be downloading tonight. Look out for a verdict in the next couple of days.

  • 100% Free – There’s no reason not to try this universal app and make your own games!
  • Make Real Money– The user earns $0.35 (half the revenue after Apple’s cut) for each copy sold; it may not seem like much, but it adds up quickly.
  • Customizable Fun – Mailman versus family dog, miner gnome down the well, flatulent flying fox – the options are limitless!
  • 5 Different Game Genres, More on the Way – Up-Jumping, Down-Jumping, Horizontal Jumping, Horizontal Running, and Horizontal Flying games. New genres coming in future updates
  • 3 Games Modes – Simple mode lets new designers play their first game within minutes. Advanced mode allows users to control and customize every aspect of the gameplay. Stand Alone mode gives users the chance to sell their game on the app store for a revenue share, no guesswork or experience required!

tiggle me a rather girly shade of pink with excitement! Sketch Nation Studio is available for iPhone, Ipod Touch and iPad