Warhammer40Kwww.UltramarinesTheMovie.com has announced the director and writer for the Games Workshop feature length CGI film.

The director is Martyn Pick, a relative unknown who has not directed a feature length film so far in his career. He does however have a strong background in animation, adverts, and promotional films, and has apparently landed the job because of his strong ability to fuse live-action with animation. Anybody interested in viewing Pick’s work should check out Franny Armstrong’s documentary¬†The Age of Stupid, as Pick directed all of the animation in the film.

The writer for Ultramarines has been announced as none other than Dan Abnett, the best-selling author who has written dozens of Warhammer 40,000 novels and graphic novels which have sold over a million copies worldwide. He was an obvious choice due to his background with Games Workshop, his extensive knowledge of Warhammer 40K, and his writing ability. Watch the interview below about the Ultramarines CGI movie which Abnett recently took part in.