KullThe chief executive of Paradox Entertainment (Fredrik Malmberg) has revealed in an interview with www.Fantasy.fr that a new Kull movie is going into production.

For those who are unaware Kull is the first character created by Robert E. Howard (father of the sword and sorcery fantasy sub-genre) back in 1929. Kull is in fact a precursor to Howard’s most popular character Conan the Barbarian. After Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to return for a third Conan movie back in the ’90s, the proposed film was reworked into the awful Kull the Conqueror starring Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys).

This announcement comes as no surprise as Paradox Entertainment own the licenses to most of Howard’s characters (the only exclusion being Red Sonya) and currently have four films based on these characters set for release over the next few years. These are Solomon Kane, Vultures, Conan, and Conan: Red Nails (animated). Hopefully this time around the Kull film does justice to the character.