Amazon are jumping on the revival bandwagon of classic cult film and TV offerings by taking on development of a new series based on Conan the Barbarian.

The newest version to hit the screens will follow Robert E. Howard’s books on Conan closely. Conan is a tribal warrior who “wanders the mysterious and treacherous world of civilization where he searches for purpose in a place that rejects him as a mindless savage.

Created by Howard, Conan was first published in 1932 in a series of fantasy stories published in Weird Tales magazine. He has since gone on to appear in books, comics, several films (including Conan the Barbarian and Conan the Destroyer), television programs (cartoon and live-action), video games.

The most famous adaptation came in 1982 when the warrior made it to the big screen with Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on the title role and Oliver Stone making a co-writing appearance. James Earl Jones also starred in the story which followed the young barbarian (Schwarzenegger), who seeks vengeance for the death of his parents at the hands of Thulsa Doom (Jones), the leader of a snake cult.

One of its most recent incarnations came in 2011 with Justice League’s, Aquaman, Jason Momoa playing the role as Conan. The film was narrated by Morgan Freeman and also starred Rose McGowen as Marique, Zym’s daughter and a powerful witch. She is presumed to have inherited her powers from her mother Maliva, and Ron Perlman as Corin, a blacksmith, a leader of the Cimmerians, and Conan’s father. It’s safe to say the film was a bit of a flop.

Ryan Condal (Colony), Miguel Sapochnik (Game of Thrones) and Warren Littlefield (The Handmaid’s Tale) make up the new Conan‘s creative team, alongside Pathfinder Media and Endeavor Content.