Warhammer 40,ooo (40K to those in the know), the tabletop miniature war-game which has so far been adapted for game and novel spin-offs, is due for the big-screen treatment. An animated movie based on Games Workshop’s Ultramarine’s title was first announced on 2009’s ‘Game Day’.

Combining the voice acting talents of Terrence Stamp, Sean Pertwee and John Hurt and the animated facial capture techniques of Image Metrics, the film’s promotional campaign hints towards a 2010 release.

Rendered in 3D, this action epic appears to be taking an atmospheric and sombre approach to the material, a moody score standing in for any real action. The trailer, courtesy of Quiet Earth, gives little away; a mistake for an adaptation of a war-game few have ever heard of. Presented in 3D, the general audience will likely need a little more teasing if they are going to pay the extra for the experience.

If, however, this trailer is for you; please fill the comments section with reasons to be excited. Trailer after the break.