Rian Johnson’s follow up to his critically lauded film Brick has been out in the States long enough to make many people’s top 10 lists last year, indeed it’s out to buy on DVD right now, luckily us Brits have the pleasure of meeting with The Brothers Bloom on the 4th of June 2010.

A new trailer has appeared online and it gives a decent impression of the film and I’ve embedded this below so if you’ve not seen or heard about this one then it’s really worth your time.

Craig and I got to see this film on Monday night and enjoyed it very much; part romance, part escapade, it is full of engaging characters and a great script, and makes for a very enjoyable film.

We’ll have our review up closer to the release date and also be discussing it on our Mouth Off podcast on the week of release.

Until there good friends, click and enjoy.