Cannes 2010 played host to the unveiling of Another Year, Mike Leigh’s latest peek into the heart of suburbia and now there’s a new trailer in advance of its 5th of November UK release date. We saw the film in Cannes, and you can read our review here.

It’s usually a mistake to give plot details of Leigh’s films, instead the cast list is a better advert as Leigh and his cast fuse to create something which is sure to be hilarious and heartbreaking; from the first arrival at Abigail’s Party to the internal domestic combustion of Secrets & Lies and Vera Drake’s road to hell paved with good intentions, it is Leigh’s uncanny ability to create genuine characters in even the smallest roles in his films which is his greatest success.

Jim Broadbent, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen and Imelda Staunton lead the cast for Leigh’s latest and you can see the new trailer via the link below.

The trailer is an exclusive to The Guardian, so head on over here to see it, and if that hasn’t ignited the flames of anticipation then there are three clips courtest of available right here.

Come on, it’s Friday- treat yourself.