We’ve known for a while now that young British “rising star” Andrew Garfield has been cast in the role of the webslinger in director Marc Webb’s reboot of Spiderman, and it now looks like the creative team have  started to round up potential names for Peter Parker’s love interest (although it’s not been stated which character this will be yet).

The Hollywood Reporter have posted a list of some of the young starlets vying for the role. Amongst these new faces it’s probably Mary Elizabeth Winstead who is the most recognisable. As well as appearing in Death Proof and Die Hard 4, she plays the object of a young musician’s affections in a film being released next week called Scott Pilgrim vs the World! (you may have heard of it).

The others  girls here are pretty new to Hollywood (Emma Roberts is Julia’s niece) but judging by their IMDB pages and the potentially big projects they’re already attached to, any of these could realistically nab the role.

L-R: Lilly Collins, Ophelia Lovibond, Imogen Poots, Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Who would you like to see?