Suffering a heavy loss at the Sky Movies Quiz at Collectormania this year meant that our time was taken away from meeting some of the assembled guests, and in particular it would have been great to catch up with Michael Biehn, the man whose appearance in The Terminator and Aliens guaranteed action movie icon status.

Since the late Eighties Biehn has jumped from TV to movies, doing enough to keep himself busy and he has taken on writing and directing duties for one of his six films lined up for 2011 and a new trailer and poster have emerged for the film – The Victim.

Telling the story of a man (Biehn) who solitary cabin bound life is disturbed by two woman (Jennifer Blanc and Danielle Harris) who are on the run from a corrupt Sheriff. IMDb has this as a ‘synopsis’:

A man lives alone in a remote cabin and is surprised by his visitors.

And the poster has a nice reference to another 80s classic with its blood red V denoting visitors of another kind. It looks like a bloody affair, Walden with chainsaws perhaps? Have a look below and stay looking forward.

Trailer time, and it’s full of NSFWiness, so if you’re at work on Christmas Eve and want to voice your displeasure plump this one up to full screen and turn up that volume.

This came via Bloody Disgusting.