24: Live Another Day brought Jack Bauer back to television after a four year absence and fans agreed that it was a return to form the series. There’s no word on whether or not another batch of episodes will follow next year, but talk of a movie continuation of the former CTU agent’s story emerged a little earlier this year.

Will Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) be part of what’s next for 24? Well, a special feature on the Blu-ray release of 24: Live Another Day sees the fan-favourite character return in a short movie called “Solitary”.

There’s no word on exactly how long it will be, but you can watch over two minutes of it below. You have to imagine that it serves some sort of purpose rather than being just a random way of catching up with Tony, and it appears as if Jack’s friend turned terrorist definitely has something up his sleeve!

In the preview, we see Tony make a request to be let out of solitary and a plea that they let him redeem himself for his past actions by going undercover in general population in order to try and save lives.

Not all 24 fans were pleased with the direction Tony was taken in during season seven, and though his motivations – the desire for revenge after his wife was killed – were understandable to some extent, this short looks like it will go a long way in better explaining that and bring him back into the spotlight.

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