There has been talk of a 24 movie for years now, with that the original plan when season eight of the drama ended on a cliffhanger. It didn’t happen for a number of reasons though, but Jack Bauer’s story continued earlier this year when Kiefer Sutherland reprised the role in 12-part series 24: Live Another Day.

Well, according to a new report, there is again talk of continuing Bauer’s story on the big screen!

Imagine Entertainment are said to be so happy with the response to 24: Live Another Day that ideas are already being thought up for a movie with chairman Brian Grazer apparently keen on the pitch he’s heard. It’s still early days though as this has yet to be brought to bosses at Twentieth Century Fox.

Both before and after 24: Live Another Day aired, those involved with the series refused to give any concrete updates on either another series or a movie, while you have to imagine that Fox TV could throw a spanner in the works if they push for another run of episodes thanks to the success of this last lot.

Then again, there was a lot of talk about giving Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan her own 24 spin-off, so perhaps she could be kept on television while Jack Bauer’s adventures continue in a movie?