This evening Disney rolled out the red carpet to another world as the cast and crew of Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland: A World Beyond arrived in London for the film’s UK Premiere.

Starring Britt Robertson, George Clooney and a host of rather fun people, including Hugh Laurie and Judy Greer, the film sets its scene in two worlds: Here and the eponymous world beyond. The journey between the two, the pitfalls and the playfulness therein, and the underlying mystery of its existence are what constitute our film.

Bird co-wrote the film with Damon Lindelof and Disney have done a fine job keeping secrets under wraps while teasing us with some astonishing visuals. As well as talking about Tomorrowland and meeting with often with Ridley Scott, Lindelof told us he wouldnt be surprised if Lost made some sort of comeback, only without him involved.

Cassam Looch and Colin Hart were on the carpet this evening to speak with the attendees. Here’s what happened in video form:

George Clooney

Britt Robertson

Raffey Cassidy

Damon Lindelof

Brad Bird

Jeff Jensen