Here’s an exclusive clip from Pilgrimage starring Spider-man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland The Hobbit and Spooks star Richard Armitage, and a powerful, mute performance from Jon Bernthal of The Walking Dead fame.

Pilgrimage is directed by Brendan Muldowney with a script from Jamie Hannigan and debuted at the Tribecca Film Festival earlier this year. As you’ll see form the clip embedded below alongside a selection of images, the movie is somewhat different to the New York skyscapers that we’ll see Holland swinging from in Spider-man: Homecoming which is set for release next week (keep your eyes peeled for our interviews with the Spidey filmmakers and cast).

Sadly we’ve had to remove the clip but here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure

Pilgrimage is launched on Download, Blu-ray and DVD 3rd July.