class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-147187″ title=”Sesame Street” src=”” alt=”” width=”221″ height=”267″ />I guess this isn’t a huge surprise but I’m intrigued to find out how Fox (who have picked up the rights to the movie) will turn this beloved TV series teaching children letters of the alphabet will be turned into a feature-length movie but here we are! In fact, it’s been done before as Yahoo (who have the news) tell us that Sesame Street has had a couple of movie adaptations previously back in the 80s and 90s but neither did very well. Off the back of Disney’s The Muppets making a comeback earlier this year, I guess it’s not surprising to see Fox jumping on the puppet bandwagon to score some easy moonoir.

Shawn Levy who recently brought us Real Steel will produce the movie so keep your eyes peeled for more from The Cookie Monster and Big Bird coming to a screen near you!

More as we get it. How to get to Sesameeee Streeeetttttttttt…………….

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