Netflix has taken on a bold decision with their re-imaging of the 60’s classic series of Lost in Space. Gone are the cheesy and quite sexist tone that was the norm for that era, and replaced with visually spectacular technology coupled with strong and well-written roles for both the older and younger female characters. What gives it that special edge is the Family plot line that is covered in a more relatable sconce to represent a 21st-century reality.

Watch our interview with Mina Sundwall, Maxwell Jenkins & Taylor Russell

Lost in Space is a Netflix Original dramatic and modern re-imagining of the classic 1960’s science fiction series. Set 30 years in the future, colonisation in space is now a reality, and the Robinson family is among those tested and selected to make a new life for themselves in a better world. But when the new colonists find themselves abruptly torn off course en route to their new home they must forge new alliances and work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment, lightyears from their original destination.

HeyUGuys, Zehra Phelan had the pleasure of catching up with the British and Black Sails actor, Toby Stephens and House of Cards, Molly Parker, who play the heads of the Robinson family, John and Maureen Robinson. On discussion was the shift in tone from the original, whether the original series was a part of their childhood and working with the incredibly mature young cast that made up the Robinson Family.

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Lost In Space is on Netflix from April 13th