Just when you thought no more money could be made from James Cameron’s Titanic, news has come out that the movie that broke all box office records back in 1997 is coming to cinema screens in 3d, April 2012.

Ministry of Gossip (one of the blogs belonging to the LA Times) has reported the news which will see the movie in cinemas again 100 years after the ship sank after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic on 14 April 1912, only 706 people survived with 1,517 people losing their lives due to the lack of lifeboats.

Titanic the movie was made on a budget of $200m making it the most expensive movie made until that date, but the box office takings of $1.8bn justified the money spent for Twentieth Century Fox & Paramount who funded the movie.

Titanic made household names of it’s stars, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio who most recently played opposite one another in Revolutionary Road.

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