Nice of MTV to ask the man himself, the great Sam Raimi, on his forthcoming projects as there’s been a lot of talk after he departed the Spider-Man train recently, and the two projects in question which are causing the most amount of fan banter are the much anticipated World of Warcraft movie and Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Well, as it turns out there’s confirmation on exactly where Raimi is in relation to these two films and those hoping for a Robert Downey Jr. fronted Raimi Oz film will be disappointed to learn that the director is still talking, nothing is signed. As Raimi is yet to settle on a new project there’s the spectre of the World of Warcraft film hovering and Raimi confirms that he is actively working on the project.

He talks about why he’s been attached to this project for so long,

I love playing the game so much. It’s such a universe so complete that they’ve created different environments, places you travel to with interesting archetypes you can inhabit with your avatar. I love the game, so I thought the movie would be good.

What concerns me (and not too much, not only is Raimi a great director but no details of the story have been revealed) is that a reoccurring problem with video game adaptations is the player-character attachment so crucial to the enjoyment of the game, which is naturally diminished when control is given up to a protagonist controlled by the director.

Here’s the full video,