Frightfest 2010 kicks off here in London at the end of August and among the choice cuts on offer is the world premiere of Adam Green’s Hatchet II.

Those looking forward to the next round of scream and slash courtesy of Kane Hodder’s latest horror icon, Victor Crowley, will be chomping at the bit to catch a glimpse of the sequel, which Green returned to write and direct after finishing work on his Sundance premiered Frozen, which will reach cinemas on these shores on the 24th of September.

And now you can with two stills from the Hatchet sequel which were released onto the vast oceans of the internet and are here for all to see.

Tony Todd returns as the good Rev. Zombie and can be seen here in the first image, followed by a shot of Danielle Harris who took over the role of Marybeth after Tamara Feldman elected not to return.

Great work by our good friends over at Blogomatic 3000 for unearthing these ones.