Director Tim Miller’s unexpected departure from the Deadpool sequel has left comic book fans speculating over who will replace him on the saucy superhero sequel, with a few names already on the list.

News comes today from THR that Miller has already lined up a new project, and it’s quite a surprise to see this old face return. Miller will be pulling on his Executive Producer trousers for a CG/live-action film starring Sega’s mascot of old, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Twenty-five years since the release of the very first Sega Megadrive game (or Genesis, if you must) plans are afoot to bring Sonic and his friends to the big screen. Clearly his cameo in Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph did wonders for his movie career.

Many variations of the character have made it onto the small screen, with the odd, dystopian music-as-a-weapon Sonic Underground being the most bizarre offshoot so far.  The cultural reach of Sega’s champion, along with Tails, Knuckles and Doctor Eggman is almost unparalleled, and the family friendly/nostalgia mix is a potent one.

Miller will make the film with Jeff Fowler in the directing chair, from a script by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller. How long before we’re reporting that the John Wick directors are making a big screen Mario movie?*


*That’ll probably never happen. Shame.