Barely a week has passed since Deadpool director Tim Miller left the eagerly-anticipated sequel Deadpool 2 over apparent creative differences with the film’s lead actor Ryan Reynolds. Today we have our first indications of who might be going sitting in the director’s chair for the next film.

Veteran stunt co-ordinator and (most notably) one of the men behind Keanu Reeves’ renaissance action movie John Wick has been tipped as the successor to Miller, according to Mashable.

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Graduating from almost twenty years of stunt work to Second Unit director on films such as The Wolverine, Jurassic World and Captain America: Civil War – Leitch has all the experience you need to bring Deadpool back to the big screen in, inevitably, bigger and more violent fashion.

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We’ll keep an eye on updates as they come in. It would certainly be Leitch’s biggest films thus far, and his work on John Wick has clearly paved the way for an offbeat superhero flick like Deadpool to have its day in the sun. Fingers crossed this one comes off.

Deadline have thrown other names into the ring late in the day, with Drew Goddard in  the mix, which would make an interesting choice as The Cabin in the Woods was a violent and wonderful mix.