To celebrate the extraordinary success of horror film The Wretched, which opened in May in the US, we sat down with its writer/director team of Drew and Brett Pierce to chat about its amazing success story.

As we know, cinemas have been in lockdown across the world for months now and much of the slated cinema releases – from Bond 25 to Black Widow, Promising Young Woman to Tenet – have been shelved and moved to later in the year. A strange time for cinemagoers but in the US, social distancing and lockdown protocols have seen a surge in an old film favourite – the drive-in cinema and The Wretched has seen audiences flock to see it.

Now seven weeks after release, the film has grossed over $1million from drive-in receipts and strangely now shares as record with Marvel’s Black Panther in that is was No.1 at the box office for six consecutive weekends. The film itself so a hell of a lot of fun – and scary – so we chatted to the brothers to discuss its strange success, audiences embracing it, and how this may help them springboard into the next phase of their careers. We mean, it’s some calling card…

You can watch the full interview below:

The Wretched is now streaming on digital platforms in the UK.