Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson are an enviable combination and from what we’ve seen Bruce Robinson is making the most of Thompson’s story, written when the author was just 22.

Depp leads the film with Amber Heard?, Giovanni Ribisi?, Richard Jenkins? and Aaron Eckhart in support. There’s a new TV spot out today but before we dive into that a synopsis right now would be great, wouldn’t it?

Paul Kemp (Johnny Depp) is a freelance journalist who himself is a turning point in his life. He left for San Juan there to write for The San Juan Star, an important newspaper. Paul tries to escape reality through the use of large quantities of alcohol, drugs, women and music. However, if a local outbreak of rebellion, he gets together with his new friend Bob Sala, embroiled in a corrupt Development of a hotel.

Here’s the spot,

Glasses raised to Coming Soon for this.