US cinemas experienced a quiet time indeed over the weekend. In fact (according to Box Office Mojo), it was the worst viewing figures for this February date in 15 years.

It’s almost as if there was some significant cultural event over the pond which managed to get the attention of the normal cinemagoing crowd. By the way, did anyone catch the Super Bowl last night?

College-set Single White Female knock-off The Roommate debuted at number one with $15.6m – a pretty average figure, but as the film’s budget was only $16m in total, this figure will probably be deemed a success. The executive-produced James Cameron feature, James Cameron’s Sanctum, opening with a paltry $9.2m at number two, despite having James Cameron’s name mentioned wherever possible, even though James Cameron how little to do with the end product, apart from the 3D aspect – a device favoured by Avatar director James Cameron.

Last week’s number one, No Strings Attached, rounds off the top three, having managed a so-so haul of $51.7m so far.