Last night saw a deluge of tv spots and trailers for some of the most anticipated films of this summer, with comic book adaptations and sequels aplenty taking their time in the spotlight to show off their wares.

Many of the spots took advantage of the huge audience to debut new footage with JJ Abrams’ Super 8 and Marvel’s Captain America making the best impression in our eyes, and the twittersphere was a fantastic arena to gauge the effectiveness and excitement generated by each TV spot. When we posted the Captain America spot the site started to groan under the weight of the traffic which is as good as measure as any.

Our friends at Way to Blue have gone one further and have compiled this infographic detailing the tweetstorm generated by each film, and it makes for interesting reading. Not surprisingly Captain America made the biggest impression, due no doubt to this being the first chance to see footage from the film, whereas Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens and Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 also had a lot of chatter, although this may have been people tweeting in disbelief as to how they could be looking forward to another Robot Hitting Movie after the turgid second film.

You can see all of the spots by clicking this link and do check out the big hitters to get you all excited for a summer of blockbusters in the face.

Here’s the handy infographic,