For weeks now there’s been speculation over who may take the lead role in Marvel’s Captain America movie.

I’ve come to realise that any rumour that THR get to hear seems to become fact a day or so after they announce it. Their latest news is that Chris Evans (no, not the host of BBC Radio 2), the one who has previous appeared in Sunshine, Street Kings, 2 Fantastic Found movies and The Losers.

Although Marvel haven’t confirmed this news as yet, I expect if the rumour is true, it wont be too long before an announcement is made.

The website goes onto say: Evans’ offer would include starring in up to three “America” movies plus “The Avengers” movies and appearances in several other Marvel movies. While an offer to star in “America” may seem like something you don’t have to mull over too long, one possible complication is that Evans is committed to co-starring in the Anna Faris romantic comedy “What’s Your Number?” Both are scheduled to shoot this summer.

As soon as Marvel confirm or this ends up in the rumour bin, we’ll let you know! Head over to THR for the full report.