Summer 2018 is set to deliver us another episode in The Purge saga of films, the fourth in the series to be exact, but people may start to question what else can the franchise bring that it hasn’t already delivered before? Well, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the franchise creator James DeMonaco has opened up and given a little insight into the film he is currently writing.

Diversity is very much a hot topic within the Hollywood Hills, and quite rightly too, So DeMonaco has decided to address that very topic by racially mixing up the cast to give it a whole new edge.

It’s 90 percent, black people,” said DeMonaco. “So yeah, you get a little daunted. Like, ‘What am I — Italian guy from Staten Island — what am I bringing to this?’ But hopefully, I’m telling the universal story.”

The Purge 4

A location setting is also down for a change, this time moving the story to Staten Island, why the change to this location? DeMonaco revealed that there would be a link between the well-off and the poor communities in which The Purge will become a financially commercial business, tying it into what America is currently being forced to endure at the hands of the current administration.

People from Staten Island can easily go to Brooklyn for the evening, so what they do is start promising very decent sums of money for the very poor people in the neighbourhood. It becomes a monetization of murder and violence, incentivizing killing and keeping people around for them to be victims. So you see the inception of how grotesque the idea of the Purge is, the manipulation upon the society. That’s where it becomes, sadly, I think, very topical right now with the current administration.

DeMonaco also went on to reveal that the TV show of the saga will take a slightly different edge, delving into the past lives of those involved in The Purge and what gave them the bloodlust they crave in the films.