Following the underwhelming Alien vs. Predator movies and 2010’s forgettable Predators reboot, things haven’t exactly been looking all that good for the iconic aliens who first appeared in the John McTiernan helmed 1987 movie which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thankfully, things started looking up for the franchise when it was recently revealed that Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is working on a sequel alongside his The Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker. Not much is known about what they have planned, but the creative team alone makes it easy to get excited about where the Predator will potentially be taken next.

To help build that anticipation, a new teaser image has now been released via Facebook which seemingly reveals that the title of the movie is simply going to be “The Predator.”

That’s all we know for now, though producer John Davis was last year quoted as saying that Black’s take is, “genius and I think it’s entertaining, and what it did is recreate a famous franchise in a different, interesting way; looking at it from a different light. The writing is so fresh, the perspective is so fresh. I’m telling you, you’re going to get something you don’t expect and you’re going to say, ‘This is the most entertaining way to reinvent a franchise.'”

It’s sounding good then, and hopefully more details about The Predator will be revealed soon.

The Predator