Pink Flamingo Films has debuted a new trailer for their festive offering ‘The Loss Adjuster’ starring Luke Goss and Dame Joan Collins.

The film follows Martin Dyer (Goss), a hapless insurance loss adjuster who, after many years, hits financial hardship, prompting his wife Angie (Marsh) to leave him the week before Christmas. His day drastically goes from bad to worse with a catalogue of extraordinary and humorous encounters with a flirtatious and rather amorous widow (Collins), a corrupt Doctor (Siner), a lascivious female escort (Greenidge) and a dead rat. It is only later at the funeral of a client that Martin has an epiphany; and with the help of his unlikely friendship with a teenage thief (Byrne), he discovers that sometimes you have to lose it all to find out what really matters.

Directed by Vincent Wood, the film stars Luke Goss, Dame Joan Collins, Martin Kemp, Guy Siner, Cathy Tyson, Ross O’Hennessy, Vas Blackwood, Michelle Greenidge, Kym Marsh, Lorna Fitzgerald, David Byrne.

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The film will hit UK cinemas from 27th November.