The Last Seven, a post apocalypse thriller directed by Imran Naqvi, written by John Stanley and starring Tamer Hassan, Danny Dyer, Rita Ramnani and Simon Phillips had its premiere in London this week.

Telling the story of the last seven people left alive in London, the survivors must fight to stay alive as events become increasingly more dangerous and disturbing, whilst trying to piece together their memories of a cataclysmic event on an epic scale.

The film is playing in cinemas now and comes to DVD on the 30th of August, here’s the report from the premiere,

We visited the set a few months back, and found Simon Phillips and Danny Dyer knee deep in bloodied victims from an explosion in a London restaurant. The pictures from our visit are below, and we grabbed Mr. Dyer who explained his role in The Last Seven, throwing in some choice words which some viewers may find unsafe for the work environment.

Our review of the film will go up on the site shortly, and here’s a trailer for The Last Seven to kick you into the mood.

You can win a copy of the DVD by entering our competition here.