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Chances are that you’ve seen one of the many adverts for Sky Atlantic’s new six-part Euro-thriller The Last Panthers, which begins tonight at 9pm, and are intrigued. Taking inspiration from real life Pink Panthers (more on them below) this series, co-created and written by Jack Thorne, begins with an audacious diamond heist and then spirals into the moral chaos of a fragmented Europe.

Samantha Morton, John Hurt and Tahar Rahim are our leads as insurance company employees and a member of the pursuing French-Algerian police, the new drama has a fine pedigree and looks to be essential watching as the nights draw in.

While there will be an understandable focus on the lead actors of this new show there’s a good deal of information on the incredible true story upon which The Last Panthers is based, with this video series being an essential primer.

Take a look here, and then check out this page for more on the real story.

And you must check out the phenomenal opening credits with music by none other than David Bowie.

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