The first dispatches from the set of The Hobbit are here, where returning director Peter Jackson and his team have begun production of the two films which will tell the story of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic tale, of Bilbo Baggins and the dragon Smaug.

It seemed that the road to production would go ever onwards but today we have our first official look at the director returning to Bag End following his trials with The Lovely Bones and King Kong and it’s surprisingly reassuring to have him back in charge.

You can catch up on the epic saga of how The Hobbit came to be, via lawsuits, strike action and departing directors and if you’re looking to follow the production you can follow the official production blog here at: or if your bent runs to Facebook you can ‘like’ Peter Jackson here.

Enjoy the pictures below, click if the mood takes you, and expect more to come